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Get your home listed on the market with the biggest office in the area. Why? We have more Realtors and sell more houses than any other in Gig Harbor, Washington. Be part of this mighty family and get your home sold SOONER rather than later. Call/text or email for a no hassle, no pressure and non salesy appointment at your home. I might be British but I prefer coffee with a little cream over tea. Just sayin'!


This sign belongs outside your Gig Harbor home.

Putting this sign outside your house gets results. It stands out, it gets people calling, and it gets your house sold.

I am not the kind of real estate professional that likes to collect as many listings as possible. I like to sell as many homes as possible for the clients I make promises to.

The kind of promises I make are:

  • I will always be on time.
  • I will always be brutally honest with you.
  • I will always do what I say I'm going to do.

Bottom line: Together, there is nothing that cannot be overcome.
Let's get that sign up, and get your house sold!

Possibly the hardest working Realtor in Gig Harbor

Selling, or listing houses is what my business model is based upon. It's what I enjoy the most and I take great pride in my work. No shoddy photos and boring descriptions here. You see, I work at the Keller Williams West Sound office in Gig Harbor, WA, where we have over 99+ Realtors® based out of that one office. Between us, we help more clients sell more houses than all of the other Realtors® and real estate agents in the area combined*.

*statement based on MLS figures as of 1/15/2017

My promises explained:

1) I will always be on time. Unless something genuinely unexpected occurs I will be there when I say i will. I know there is nothing worse than being kept waiting by someone who thinks your time is not as important as theirs.

2) I will always be brutally honest with you. First, I will conduct a comparative market analysis before i even knock on your door. This is a 'fact based' report that will be yours to keep as a way of estimating the eventual selling price.. I'll then adjust the price to suit your home as every one is unique. I'm not going to pressure you to 'List with me because I have waiting clients, or it'll sell in days', because in reality, no one can tell the future and no one can guarantee anything. See, that's pretty honest already.

3) I will always do what I say I'm going to do. I know there is nothing worse than being promised the earth at the onset, only to have nothing but tumbleweeds and and the sounds of crickets cross your mind whenever you need to know what is going on. Like I said before, I take great pride in my work and will treat your home like my own until I get it sold. This means that if I say I will host an open house, I will. If I say I will update you weekly, I will. Just ask me whatever you want when I come out to see you at the listing appointment.

Please sell my home in Gig Harbor, WA

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